The Importance of Competition Makeup

LADIES! I can’t stress enough how important it is to get someone who KNOWS how to do competition makeup for your shows! ?? Please, please, PLEASE READ

I always hear girls say, “my friend does professional makeup, I’m going to ask her!” or “I’m gonna do my own makeup, I’ll just buy darker foundation and blend.” You all act like it so easy… but there is so much more that goes into it. I’m not a makeup artist and I will admit that I have no talent when it comes to makeup…so I’m not gonna even try to lie to myself to save a penny.

? NO, IT’S NOT “JUST” BLENDING! You gotta do some shit like contour and blend the side of your face to match your tan, but you don’t want to be as dark as your tan or else you gon’ go on stage looking like this ? & you want your face to be bright and SEEN.

? Then you gotta make sure your eyeshadow is not overdone so you eyes won’t look small af (shoutout to my MUAs that makes my eyes look like I’m not asian for a day). You don’t want your eyes to disappear in your tan af makeup. How tf are you suppose to capture the judges attention by looking at them if they can’t even see your eyes?! ??‍♀️

? Oh the best one is when girls think they can just buy 2-3 shades of foundation darker and get away with it. Nah, your head looks like it’s floating or photoshopped on because you didn’t get the coloring right. If you compete in different shows, chances are that you may work with different tanning companies. Your tan may be slightly different shades every time.

? Sometimes less is more and sometimes more is just too damn much. You NEED to know when there’s too much glitter on your eyes and when you need more. Know when to wear brighter lipstick and when to be more subtle on the lips. That’s why you need to have an experienced MUA that will KNOW what shows just perfectly on stage.

? Just because you know a professional MUA that does makeup at the mall, doesn’t mean she knows how to do competition makeup. They are entirely different styles of makeup and I always see regular MUA mess this up. You’re already spending so much on your show– shell out a lot more to not look like crap on stage because you were stingy on spending an extra $50-75 on someone that KNOWS how to do competition makeup.

Moral of the story, hiring a professional COMP. MUA is highly worth it. Some ladies and their Instagram handle that I highly recommend (in no order):


? @taylor_jazz

? @carolyn_posted

? @burrrita

I’ve worked with every single of these makeup artists, from regular makeup to competition makeup and they are phenomenal in both aspects. They are KNOWN in the fitness industry for the competition glam– trust my recommendation. I get so many compliments every single time!