“My experience with Mary was amazing! When I first met her for posing help I had no idea what I was doing! She is one of the sweetest and most humble people I’ve met. She made me feel very comfortable and explained everything clearly and not too much at a time so I did not feel overwhelmed. She corrected one thing at a time and worked on it until I got it right. I never felt overwhelmed or discouraged at any point. I felt confident leaving her sessions and on the stage and ended up winning the best stage presentation! I would definitely recommend anyone to come see her for posing tips. I Couldn’t have been able to do it without her help!”


“Mary, where do I even begin???? I was recommended to contact Mary from my teammate on Team Haines…. After stalking Mary’s IG and watching several of her videos, I desperately reached out to her for assistance. The training and following my meal plan is easy peasy for me, but I knew I was going to need to invest in hiring a posing coach in order to bring my best to the stage.  I highly recommend Mary! She is an incredible posing coach and has an eye for bringing out the best poses for your body type. She taught me the poise and confidence I would need for the stage and most importantly, she is very kind and so personable! Thank you so much for your help getting me ready for the stage!  I greatly appreciate your time and attention to detail in order to help me attain this long time goal.”


“No beating around the bush here, just gonna get straight to the point…. Mary is absolutely THE best, hands down! Not just the best posing coach, but also best teammate and best friend/sister! She was able to work her magic through FaceTime! After my first competition, the judges couldn’t wait to tell me that they LOVED my posing routine. I couldn’t agree enough because I also loved it and Mary definitely helped me with my confidence going into my first show. And what I appreciate most about her is that she goes the extra mile to get to know her clients. She’s now like a sister to me and we’ve only known each other for a few months!”


“Mary helped me completely transform my posing routine and stage presence! She was professional, kind, and objective when giving feedback and I looked forward to meeting with her every session.”