Competition 101 for Newbies

Let’s fill in your blanks for competition preparations!

Now let’s be real, most of us non-competitors only see the end result: shredded spray-tanned girls in sparkling bikinis on stage. But all those things didn’t just happen overnight! Months of preparation goes into these fitness competitions from food prepping, competition fees, coaching services, and supplements to aid the process. Now, before you freak out and ask, “Omg, where do I even start? How do I know where to look to get started on this?” I’ve got you. I’m going to break down all the things to keep in mind when preparing to prep for a fitness competition and the approximate breakdown of the costs to do a show.

Cost breakdown of doing a show:
Estimated costs What are you paying for?
$125* NPC membership (good for entire calendar year, mandatory)
$114-$175* Novice class (recommended for beginners, optional for experienced) *If you have won Overall for your class, you won’t be eligible to do Novice anymore*
$114-$175* Open class (recommended, do both, because this is what will nationally qualify you if you place Top 2
$90-$115* Competition tanning (book on show website) *Do not tan your face, make-up artist will blend face to match tan*
$80* Photography (optional, but recommended)
~$75-$200* Hotel or AirBnB (you can book the host hotel with the show discount or it may be cheaper to do an AirBnB) *Host hotel is usually where they will do check ins/tanning. Competition may be at a different venue.*
~$100-$150* Make-up artist (optional, but recommended) *Make-up artist will blend your face to match your tan*
~$25-$100* Hair stylist (optional)
~$200-$610* Competition bikini
~$5-$30* Competition jewelry

* prices may vary based on location, but that is the estimated amount


Now, those were the prices in conjunction to registering for a show and the services that is needed for the competition. There are other important expenses to consider in order to GET YOU to your show day:

  • Coaching (nutrition/workout)
  • Posing coach
  • Gym membership
  • Food
  • Supplements

Most importantly… TIME. There are many competitors who are able to juggle a full time job, being a full time student, and/or being a parent while prepping for a show at the same time. There are also some who are not able to juggle that many things all at once. Prep can be stressful and, at times, time-consuming. Make sure that you have your priorities set and manage your time wisely before deciding to prep. You need to set aside time for the gym and the time to prep/plan your food. When in prep, there’s no room for errors! If you plan to commit to prep, plan ahead!

I hope this guide helps! If there’s anything I’m missing, please let me know! That’s just a little overview of what to expect when planning to prep for a competition. Be sure to be on the lookout for my next blog on what to expect on SHOW DAY! 🙂